Ceramic Coatings

Performance Coatings specializes in durable, high temperature ceramic finishes. These finishes are made to meet a spectrum of demands from top fuel dragsters to concourse show cars to motorcycles.  Taken from the aerospace industry, these coatings provide total protection from corrosion and thermal damage as well as improving performance, service life, and appearance.


Performance Coatings offers three great colors to choose from:


Performa Chrome


This color provides a great chrome finish. It will not turn colors and insulates for better thermal management.


Cast-Iron Gray


This color is an OEM finish, which has proved outstanding for restoration.


Stealth Black


This color provides a flat black appearance. It aids with a quick cool down of the equipment, and head dissipation.




We provide competitive prices with a set starting at $200.00.


Our turn around time is one week, under normal circumstances.

We always use superior packaging for safe shipping.